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Sunglass Collection Released by Ray-Ban

Ray-Ban is set to steal the show with its trendy eyewear collection .

Ja-Jo Collection

This collection refers to the hippie Queen Janis Joplin, and it comes in bright colours with round oversized design. This collection makes you feel that you are in the 60’s.

Graphene Collection

The Graphene collection is made of a special material where the frames are 6 times lighter in weight but 200 times stronger than steel. This collection has been released in 4 different styles.

The General

30 years after the launch of Ray-Ban sunglasses, it has now redesigned its look as per the latest fashion trends. The frame is full metal square-shaped, and it has a wide range of options for the lenses.


The double bridge eyewear collection has been a trendsetter for a while. Now, two more options are added to this double bridge collection: one is sleek full metal, and the other is round double bridge.

The angular lenses have become one of the trending glasses when compared to its other products. However, Ray-Ban keeps updating its collection every now and then to meet the latest fashion needs of its customers.

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